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Buds: Spanning the Seasons – from The Outside Story (syndicated newspaper column)

The sign in the window, which read, “Clearance! Hats and Gloves 50% off,” puzzled me. Snowflakes swirled on gusty winds. The bitter cold stung my fingertips—I wondered if I should buy warmer gloves while I had the chance. Clearance? Temperatures hadn’t climbed above freezing for days . . .  more

The Language of Bark – from American Forests:

wojtech_bark photosI spot the neon-orange flag, unmistakable among the more earthly hues of October leaves, and crash through the underbrush to reach it. I quickly begin cataloguing the surrounding trees. On a low-hanging branch, I find familiar looking needles and record eastern hemlock on my data sheet. I peer up through binoculars to recognize the leaves of a broad beauty — an old red maple. The next tree . . .  more

Identifying Ash and Maple in Winter –   Illustrations and photos from AMC Outdoors Magazine

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Getting to Know Bark – from Northern Woodlands, Winter 2011:

yellow birchAs the vibrant colors of fall give way to the more subtle hues of winter, tree bark becomes a focal point in the forested landscape. The splendid contrasts of bark are highlighted by the low-riding winter sun – the white, curly strips of paper birch juxtapose with the dark, burnt cornflake scales on black cherry; the furrowed ski track patterns on the red oaks . . .  more



Bark for All Seasonsfrom the Hampshire Daily Gazette

As tree buds unfurl in spring, they cast sweet hues of yellow, pale green and red in the canopies of our local forests. Soon after, this new growth matures into a kaleidoscope of dense greens. This is the season when deciduous trees seem to come back to life, when they transform from a blur of browns and grays and resume their individual identities. But the source of these browns and grays – bark – harbors more distinguishing characteristics, more beauty, and . . . more


A Closer Look at Tree BarkListen to or read a transcript of Michael’s conversation with Margaret Roach on her radio program and blog, A Way to Garden.

Michael speaks with Francesca Rheannon about his book, Bark: A Field Guide to Trees of the Northeast, on Writer’s Voice (begins at minute 29).